An international effort will be required if the North Coast’s latest luxury hotel plan is to be finished in time for the Open Championship in 2019.
According to the architect behind the £30m Dunluce Resort and Spa, a two-year deadline is “a colossal ask” but just possible with a global team working round the clock and willingness from planners to process the application quickly.
The 120-bedroom development, overlooking Royal Portrush, is backed by investors from the US. Designers in the Middle East are already producing drawings while images are being created in China.
In addition, says architect Richard Hunter, time pressure means elements of the building may be prefabricated abroad.
“If we are going to achieve this incredibly tight schedule, everyone – including the statutory authorities, needs to move with all possible haste.
“In order to meet our deadline it will be necessary to develop innovative construction techniques. We are figuring out how to build quickly.
“It’s possible we will employ locals, but it may be necessary to move stuff abroad. But of course, the final construction phase and fit out will be on site with local employees.
“We hope to be building as early in 2018 as possible. By this time next year we need to have the structural frame built to be open in time for July 2019.”
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